Commercial Storage VS Warehouse and Office Space

Last week bought the news we’ve all been waiting for – we might finally be nearing the end of Britain’s recession. But we’re still are a long way from being completely out of the woods! With it often feeling like VAT and TAX increases being slapped on anything and everything, trying to run a business can be very tough.

A vital part of any business, whether you’re self-employed or are part of a larger corporation, is your commercial property and the space you need to hold your stock, documents, filing etc. And with the constantly rising price of office space and warehouses, trying to find somewhere large enough and affordable isn’t always an easy task.

Here at Arden Self Storage, we provide flexible and affordable commercial storage in Birmingham for all our commercial clients whether you’re just looking for a bit of extra space in the run-up to Christmas or you need a permanent place to hold your business files.

Our commercial storage units are all humidity controlled and are very secure, all fitted with individual alarms and 24 hour CCTV. The great thing about our storage solutions is they are very flexible, the contracts are run on a monthly basis and you only need to give us 14 days’ notice if you no longer need your self-storage and we always refund any unused rent.

To find out more about the commercial storage solutions we offer, be sure to check out our website and if you need any more information then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01675 442 827.

Benefits of Having Commercial Storage in Birmingham

Being able to take advantage of safe and secure commercial storage Birmingham can make a big difference to your business. Arden Self Storage are specialists in providing high-quality storage solutions for domestic and commercial clients alike, helping you to free up some valuable space at home or in your commercial property by storing your possessions in one handy and secure location. What are the benefits to investing in commercial storage from our well-established firm? Read on to discover how our storage services could help your company.

Protect Your Assets

Your investment in your company will be tied up in the stock, equipment and furniture which are an essential part of your operation. When you are running out of room in your office or commercial property and need somewhere to store excess or additional equipment, Arden Self Storage can help. Our humidity controlled storage units are perfect for archiving valuable files, documents and contracts which need to be kept safe but do not necessarily need to be kept in your office.

All of our storage units are protected by CCTV systems, and you will have sole access to your unit with your own lock and key. This can give you the peace of mind that your assets are safe.

Make Some Room

Whether your company are downsizing to a smaller office and you won’t have room for all of your office furniture, or you are embarking upon an office refurbishment to modernise your commercial property, self-storage is a fantastic way to keep things safe during the transition between properties or during a construction project.

Enjoy Great Value for Money

One of the main advantages of choosing Arden Self Storage for your commercial storage Birmingham is the affordability of our service. Flexible monthly contracts enable you to store your belongings for as long as you need, and the option to increase or decrease the size of your storage unit if necessary gives you extra freedom.

To enjoy the benefits of commercial storage Birmingham for yourself, contact the team here at Arden Self Storage today.

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